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Dynamic and precise with SIMOTICS motion control motors
Ideal for motion control applications:

– SIMOTICS S – servomotors for high dynamic and precise positioning and exact motion control – also available with planetary and angled gearboxes
– SIMOTICS M – main motors for precise and smooth running of rotary axes and main drives
– SIMOTICS T – torque motors for gearless direct drive of rotary axes
– SIMOTICS L – linear motors for the highest dynamic performance and precision for linear motion
– Solutions for specific applications, for example, motors for servo pumps

High dynamic performance and extremely compact – SIMOTICS S

Whether for positioning in pick-and-place applications, for cyclic drives in packaging machines or for path control in handling equipment and machine tools: Our permanentmagnet SIMOTICS servomotors are the first choice wherever high-speed and precise motion sequences are required. Depending on the application, they are available with different integrated encoders – from basic resolvers up to high-resolution absolute encoders. SIMOTICS S Motors are also available with gear units.

Precise rotation up to 40,000 rpm – SIMOTICS M

SIMOTICS M are main motors for applications where the primary focus is on the continuous and precise rotary motion of axes. They are predestined as main drives for presses, as roll drives in printing and paper machines as well as textile and plastics machines. Further, they are used as winder drives – and are also employed in machine tool spindles and cranes. With a power range extending from 2.8 up to 1340 kW, they cover almost every application.

Highest precision for rotary axes – SIMOTICS T

SIMOTICS torque motors are optimized for high torques at low rated speeds. With their high precision, dynamic performance and their low wear, they are convincing as built-in motors for rotary cycle machines, indexing tables as well as swiveling and rotary axes, for example, for machine tools. The same also applies to complete torque motors, which are also used as roll and winding drive in converting applications.

Higher dynamics across the board – SIMOTICS L

SIMOTICS linear motors are the ideal solution if linear motion is to be executed with the maximum dynamic performance and precision. The reason: elasticities, backlash and friction effects as well as natural vibration in the drive train are avoided to a large extent. The reason for this is that when using linear motors, mechanical transmission elements – such as ballscrews, couplings and belts – are eliminated. This simplifies the machine design and reduces wear.

Individual solutions for special applications

Sometimes there is no way around application specific solutions. We can offer you these: Based on many years of experience, together with our customers, we design and implement application specific motor solutions – perfectly tailored to your requirements regarding both design and performance. Not only this, you profit from the high levelof integration in our converter and control environment.

Optimum system solutions that are harmonized with one another

SIMOTICS motors are optimally harmonized and coordinated to the family of SINAMICS drives. Based on standard components that are available worldwide, you can obtain motion control solutions that precisely meet your demands and also reflect state-of-the-art technology in all power and performance classes. Electronic rating plates and the DRIVE-CLiQ interface used to connect the motors ensure fast commissioning and smooth operation. State-of-theart safety concepts can be simply implemented based on integrated encoders with redundant encoder tracks as well as safety functions integrated in the drive. As a consequence, additional external safety components are not required. Prefabricated MOTION-CONNECT signal and power cables guarantee simple and fault-free connection between all of the components.